hiiiiiii! hiiiiiiii! hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! hi everybody!!!!

" hiiiiiii! hiiiiiiii! hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! hi everybody!!!!  do you like bears? i hope so cuz we are bears!
our owners threw us away, that made us sooo sad. :(
so us bears got together and started a beary excellent band. 
we had a hard time trying to learn how to play our instruments until we met our new orchestra leader.
his name was Herr Konductor. he was kinda mean to us too :(  but not anymore

OMG WOWWW bigggg newsss well Herr was bearhunting in east bearyland cuz hes a meanie and he shot at a bear he saw but he missed the bear and then the bear got really mad and grabbed Herr with his sharp claws and then ate Herr all up. then Berr saw us after he ate Herr and asked if we were ok and we said yes and he said his name was Berr Konductor!!! whatttt???? wowwwww!!!! thats crazzyyyy!!!then we found out he was a beary excellent musician too, and he said he would help us tour around and be our new friend and conductor, yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!

Berr Konductor is a big cutiepie but you gotta be careful. if he gets mad and drinks his magic honey he turns into a savage beast, nothing can quench his hunger for human flesh, he becomes...HERRBERR, destroyer of manflesh

Well anyways, now we tour around and play shows! do you want to come and see us?
look below for all the dates!!! wowwwwweee

we’ve played with Parquet Courts and just played at John Waters Mosswood meltdown in Oakland with Bratmobile and Le Tigre and Gravy train….wowww it was so cool and Mr Waters introduced us omggggg. we also were in Shannon Shaws video for Freddie’s and teddies and we were the teddies!!!! it was super awesome! 

you should come to see us! we can all sing and dance together. 
that would be awesome awesome awesome 
ok i gotta go drink some milk now! come and see us and bring your teddy bear to the show plzzz!!!! ok? 

ok byeeeee! byeeeeee!!!! byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
love    butterscotch "

NEW 2023!!! upcoming fall tour shows

Fri 11/17 - San Diego, CA - Til Two

Sat 11/18 - Los Angeles, CA - Alamo Drafthouse

Sun 11/19 - Palmdale, CA - Transplants

Fri 12/01 - Sacramento, CA - Cafe Colonial

Sat 12/2 Reno,NV -Alturas


Sat 12/16 Oakland, CA -Church of the Buzzard w/Rock N Roll Adventure Kids and high anxiety and fuzz kit be there!!



for booking contact nanotear@gmail.com if you want us bears to come to your town!!! ok byeeeeee

click here to contact Berr Konductor or or any of the other bears like butterscotch or cocoa or whitey


introducing tbo!!!! photos below from mosswood meltdown by Grant Kerber